Saturday, 3 January 2015

Patanjali Ghee

Patanjali 100% Pure Cow Ghee, is made from 100% pure Cow's milk, which is renowned for the several benefits it has to offer. Cow Ghee is considered the best for cooking. Besides, it is also a Satvic food and contains healthy fat soluble vitamins which aid in the absorption of the nutrients in foods.

Patanjali Cow Ghee 500gm - Rs. 230/-

Patanjali Cow Ghee 1ltr       - Rs. 450/-
Patanjali Cow Ghee 5ltrs - Rs. 2150/-

Friday, 26 December 2014

Patanjali New Products

Patanjali Corn Flakes Mix
At 2 variants
Weight 250g & 500g
Rupees 85 & 145/-

Patanjali Somya Liquid Detergent ( woolen & silk clothes)
Weight- 500ml
  Rs. 80/-


Saturday, 13 December 2014


ItemName                                                              MRP
Namkeen Biscuits -125Gm                                    15
Elaichi Delite Biscuits 75 GM                               10
GILOY AMLA JUICE - 500 ML                           90
JAMUN SIRKA - 500ML                                       55
Herbal Gullal Pink                                                   25
Herbal Gullal Green                                                 20
Herbal Gullal Yellow                                               25
Herbal Gullal Red                                                    25
Spice - Cumin Seeds- 50GM                                   19
Spice - Chana Masala - 50 GM                                20
Spice - Sambhar Masala - 50GM                             21
Spice - Shahi Paneer Masala - 50 GM                     29
Spice - Coriander Powder - 50gm                           13
Spice - Black Pepper Powder - 50GM                     34
Soap - Almond Kesar Body Cleanser - 75 gm         19
Spice - Kadhi Masala - 50gm                                    31
Spice - Rajma  Masala - 50gm                                  23
Spice - Pav Bhaji Masala  - 50gm                             23
Patanjali Desi Ghee - 500ML                                    230
Alovera Mint Face Wash - 60Gm                              45
Patanjali Musli Pak -200GM                                    260
Patanjali Amla Hair Oil -100ML                              40
Patanjali Herbal Shave Gel - 50GM                         40
Neem Alovera Face Wash - 60GM                           45
Patanjali Orange Honey Face Wash - 60GM            45
Patanjali Moisturizer Cream-50 GM                         75
Amla Khatta meethi Chutney                                     55
Pachak Hing Peda-100 gm                                         35
Pachak Shodhit Harad-50gm                                      22
Herbal Kazal - 3GM                                                    90
Mango Drink 500 ML                                                 30
Almond Hair Oil 100ML                                            50
Lemon Pickle 400GM                                                 65
Guava Jam 500GM                                                      190
Spice Black Pepper Whole 50GM                              62
Lemon Honey Face wash 60GM                                 45
Mango Juice 200 ML                                                  20
Orange Juice 200ML                                                   20
Mix Fruit Juice 200ML                                               20
Guava Juice  200ML                                                   20
Liv D-38 Tablet 60 Tablets                                         70
Aloevera Apricoat Scrub Tube 60ML                         60
Chocolate  Soanpapdi 250 GM                                   60
Amla Aloevera Litchi 65ML                                        5
Soap Rose Body Cleanser 125GM                             45
Kesh Kanti Hair Oil 120 ML                                      130
Pms  Syrup 200 ML                                                      75
Orange Juice 1000ML -T                                             85
Litchi Juice 200 ML                                                     20
Pine Apple Juice 200ML                                              20
Mango Juice 1000ML                                                   85
Litchi Juice 1000 ML                                                    85
Mix Fruit Juice 1000ML                                              85
Guava  Juice 1000ML                                                   85
Pine Apple Juice 1000ML                                            85
Herbal Shaving Cream 100GM                                    55
Aloevera Moisturizing Cream 50GM                          75
Hair Conditioner  Almond 100GM                              60
Hair Conditioner Protien 100GM                                60
Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser Shikakai 200ML                 95
Rose Face Wash 60GM                                                 45
Popular Detergent Powder 20GM                                1
Mango Drink 1LTR                                                        50
Tomato Ketchup 500 G (W/O ONION GARLIC)        70
Premium Detergent Powder 1KG                                 185
Premium Detergent Powder 500GM                              95
BoroSafe  Antiseptic Cream 50 GM                              40
Kesh Kanti Hair  Cleanser Reetha 8 ML                         3
Hair Conditioner Damage Control 100 GM                  60
Anardhana Goli 50 GM                                                  22
Sattu 200GM                                                                   28
Nutty Delite Biscuits 100 GM                                       15
Aloevera Neem Cucumber Fack Pack 60ML                60
LEMON BODY CLEANSER 125 G                            45
Aloevera Multani Mitti Face Pack  60ML                    60
Coconut Hair Wash 150ML                                           95
Papad Kali Mirch 200GM                                              43
Nat- Khat Biscuits  80GM                                              10
Nat-Khat Biscuits 40Gm                                                 5
Almond Keshar Handwash 175ML                                90
Herbal Facial Foam 60 Gm                                            60
Hair Conditioner Colour Protection 100GM                60

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Patanjali New Products - Chocolate Soan Papdi , Amla Alovera Juice, Mango Drink

Patanjali Juices

 Patanjali Guava Juice MRP: 85/-

 Patanjali Litchi Juice MRP 85/-

Patanjali Mix Fruit Juice MRP 85/-

Sattu Drink (Roasted Gram Flour)

Sattu( roasted gram flour) is a healthy and refreshing drink in summer. Sattu drink is traditional drink in Bihar and used during hot summer days. Roasted black gram is available in Indian grocery store. You can see my recipe how to make it. This is good source of fiber and mineral.
Course Drink
Cuisine Indian
Servings 2 Ingredients

6 tbsp Sattu (roasted gram flour) For 2 glasses
1/2 lemon juice
1 tsp chaat masala
1 tsp Dry roasted cumin & red chili powder
Some fresh coriander leaves
Salt to taste
Some mint leaves

Benefits of sattu
Sattu is traditional Indian Fast food, It is consumed as energy drink, which helps keep our body fit & fine.
It energizes & refreshes whereas other fast food causes damage to out body. Sattu is beneficial across all age groups.

For children
Children beyond the age of 7-8 years should consume 2 tsp. of Sattu daily. Regular consumption by children helps provide sufficient nutrition to their growing needs.
Sattu is a wholesome diet for growing children.
For ladies
Special requirement of ladies can be met by Sattu as it replenishes lost nutrition.
Regular consumption of Sattu is very helpful for keeping them perfectly in shape.

For youth
Young generation is very concerned for their academics, health and smartness.
To meet their challenges they need a balanced wholesome diet. So as to provide continuous energy.
Sattu a natural food is also a balanced diet. It keeps them fit and fresh and maintains glow on the skin.
For middle age group
Medium age group people have to fulfill their social, family and professional responsibilities.
Regular Consumption of natural food Sattu helps them being energetic and improves stamina.
For old age group
Regular Consumption of sattu by senior age group is again beneficial.
Senior citizens are advised to consume the required quantity of Sattu in regard to their personal digestive abilities.
Other benefits of sattu
Sattu is helpful in diabetic conditions. Regular consumption is advised in the form of energy drink or in Roti formation along with Barley (Jow) Atta.
Low blood pressure people can benefit by drinking Sattu mixed with water,Salt, Cummin powder & Lemon.
Most of the stomach disorders are generated by improper digestive system. Sattu keeps stomach cool and clean. Sattu helps fight constipation.
Improper feeding habits and consumption of junk food has enhanced the problem of acidity. Regular consumption of Sattu is very helpful in keeping us fit and fine from the problem of gas and acidity.
For those involved in heavy work or those who have to be seated for long hours, Sattu keeps refreshed whole day.
Regular consumption of Sattu protects from heat wave during hot season.
Sattu, being a balanced diet, benefit all people. Regular consumption keeps us healthy always